Friday, June 28, 2013

Save a life this Friday!

By Ali Sue Kanouse

Adopting is something I am passionate about. We love our rescues here in Ali's Pet Kitchen! Please consider adopting before buying a pet to help those out there that are having a 'ruff' time. I've pulled together some information here that can aid you in your search for the next great love of your life.

1.  We used the Internet to connect with our little scrapper Ricky. Adopt A can help you find adoptable pets right in your home town. Just use the search box below to find your next lovable rescue!

Another site to try to connect with a furry adoptable pet in your area is  Here is a searchable tool that will link you directly to pets in your area that need a home:

2.  Try searching the bulletin boards at your local pet stores and vets' offices. Here you can usually find a mix of puppies who have been bred to sell and lost pets. However, a lot of owners who are unable to care for their pet use these boards as well. Bulletin boards are like the original Facebook wall. And, if you are at the vet, ask the staff if they know the owner of the pet for adoption to see what they think of the temperament of the animal. Craig's List for your area and the classified of your newspaper are also great for searching homeless furballs.

3.  SHELTERS!  Please make sure that check out your local shelter. This is especially true if they are unable to operate as a no-kill shelter. Our local television and newspaper runs "last chance" ads to promote our shelter and to find homes before they have to euthanize. And, it works because this tender heart has called about a dozen times for a last chancer and every time they are already gone to a new foreverhome. 

4.  Adoption events are another way to connect with adoptable pets and they allow you to interact with the pet as well as other owners in a fun setting. Our local Pet Smart hosts adoption events throughout the month and offers obedience classes to new owners as well as coupons for starting out with your new fur baby. You can find the event by plugging your zip code into their search engine on their website or give your local store a call.

I hope that these resource help you in your search for a pet. I want to promote them because I want people to adopt before they buy an animal, but no matter what we all need a little pet in our lives. 60 million households in America today have at least one pet. What are you waiting for?

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