Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Foods You Can Share with Your Dog

By Ali Sue Kanouse

Last week I gave you a list of foods that are toxic to dogs. This week, I wanted to offer you a list of foods that you can share with your dog - not table scraps, mind you!

These are foods that you can give as a treat or in addition to their regular meal that can help balance your dog's diet by adding healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals.

1. Apples - skin on or off, but no seeds!

2. Oatmeal - plain, cooked with no added salt

3. Eggs - cooked, whole eggs (great as a training treat)

4. Salmon - whole cooked or oil, some evidence of help with allergies

5. Pumpkin - keeps the GI tract moving and can help with doggie weight loss

6. Sweet Potatoes - healthy and easy treat cooked or dehydrated

7. Green Beans - cooked without seasoning or as a DIY frozen treat

8.  Popcorn - air popped with no butter or salt

9.  Peanut Butter - use this smeared in a toy to keep them busy while you're gone

10. Rice - plain brown, white or instant, great for tummy troubles

11. Liver - good protien Vitamin B, A and K (recipe for liver gravy)

12. Pineapple - fresh or frozen as a DIY summer treat

13. Peas - frozen or thawed, cooked without salt or flavorings

14. Lean meats - chicken, beef, pork, cooked with no visible fat or seasoning

15. Squash - try sliced and frozen for another DIY summer treat

16. Cottage Cheese - high in protien and bland, start with small amount

17. Yogurt - same as cottage cheese but added live bacteria (probiotics) helps GI tract

18. Parsley - used in treats for breath, can be chopped and added into food

Image via http://icanhas.cheezburger.com/

Research suggests that good nutrition combined with regular vet check-ups can add as much as 15% to your dog's lifetime. The above list can enrich the diet you are already feeding your dog and give you alternatives to give variety to their daily meals. 

Make sure that if your dog is on medication that you ask your vet if there are foods that could interfere with the dosage as some medications can interact badly with some nutrients. Once you are in the clear with your vet, if you dog is one who doesn't like taking their pills ask if you can use something from this list to hide the medicine in to make it more of a treat for them and less of a chore for you.

As with anything you feed your dog, make sure that if you feee them the  above foods they are not from your plate to their mouth unless they contain no added salt, seasonings (remember onions can be toxic to dogs, and that includes onion salt and onion powder which are in a lot of seasoning mixes) no bones and no added colorings or flavorings.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, our dogs are a bit of veggitarians and love their sweet potatoes and pumpkin!  What is your dog's favorite "people" food? Leave me a comment below!


Alisha Lampley said...

That last picture is cracking me up!!!

Ali Sue Kanouse said...

I know! It is so true, too! If they don't like something they will let you know. Thanks for the comment! Have a great week!

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